These are as follows
Directions from Alicante or Valencia
Leave Alicante (airport) or Valencia on the A7-E15

This is the main auto-way North /South and is a toll rd

Continue on the auto-way until you get to exit 63 Benissa

Come off here, pay your toll and on leaving the toll station you bear off rt for Calpe/Alicante

This is a small dual carriageway and after a very short distance go straight on at the 1st and then 2nd roundabout

This is the N332 and after the 2nd roundabout proceed up the hill through Bennisa main st

There are several traffic lights up the hill and just after the top of the hill on leaving Bennisa bear off rt signposted Jalon/Alcalali (CV750 rd)

After 100 mts there is a stop sign, turn rt and proceed down hill over auto-way and up another hill ( there are a lot of road works around this point as they were constructing the Bennisa by-pass)

At the top of this hill you will go down into the Jalon valley

You will see sign for La Vall restaurant on the rt

You then take the 2nd turning on the LEFT, this is just a short distance up the main rd after the restaurant

The 1st turn on the left has a sign Camino Deposito, the 2nd turn has a small sign LA CUTA, there is a green waste bin on the left of the lane and a green multiple post box (Zona 5)on the right

Turn left up this single TARMAC track rd and proceed up around two bends and you will then pass a yellow and then a white villa on the rt

Immediately after the white villa turn rt down a little hill , and around the U shaped rd

There is a large villa on the right and after a left bend outside this villa entrance there are four unfinished red bricked properties on the left

Go past these properties and after the red ones DO NOT follow the rd around to the right

Take the gravel rd to the left ON THE BEND and our villa is 100 mts down his rd (there is a large stone on the rt at the top of this gravel track)

You will be able to use Sat Nav till you come off  the auto-way at Bennisa

Do NOT put LLIBER into the Sat Nav as this will take you into the village and onto the                         wrong road.                         SAT NAV coordinates for the villa are                         latitude 38. 72824,    longitude 000.472

If you have ANY worries please contact us on mobile (0034) 699748865 or (0034) 618719343

Looking forward to seeing you